Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Light a candle for the Iraq Museum in Baghdad

While the massive destruction of life and infrastructure in Iraq after the 2003 US invasion received much media attention (and rightly so), the damage to Iraq's cultural heritage has mostly left the spotlight. In the looting after the invasion, many invaluable objects in the Iraq Museum in Baghdad were stolen or destroyed. The loss of a part of a country's history and culture is often forgotten as a consequence of war. Looking back, we need to remember and accept our responsibility for this loss.

Saving Antiquities For Everyone is holding a Candlelight Vigil for the Iraq Museum this April 10-12, 2009. Click here to see how you can participate. In Minnesota, there is a Candlelight Vigil on April 10 at 6:00PM at Macalester College. Details can be found here.

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